Youth Day Camps

Youth Day Camps (weekdays only)

The Surf's Up Family Fun Center is more than just fun and games - players learn to use teamwork, coordination, and communication to out-wit and out-maneuver their opponents!

The Surf's Up Day Camp program allows groups to come spend a few quality hours playing laser tag, video arcade games, and use one or more of our great party rooms, depending on group size.

We offer two different day camp packages, one for groups with up to 30 players, and another for up to 100 players.

For day camps of 30 players or less:

For a flat rate of $300, up to 30 people can compete in our laser tag facility and children's play area for as low as $10 per person. Price is for a two hour event, which includes 3-4 games of laser tag, use of the play area, a private party room, and a private party host. (If there are more than 30 players, each additional player is $10 per person.)

For day camps of up to 100 players:

For a flat rate of $650, up to 100 players can enjoy the entire facility for as low as $6.50 per person. Price includes unlimited laser tag for two hours, and use of multiple party rooms.

To take advantage of these great day camp packages, reservations are required. Space and time are limited. Food and video games are available at additional cost.

Feel free to call us with ANY questions relating to Day Camps, Surf's Up Family Fun Center in Myrtle Beach, or anything else we can help you with!

*Adults, chaperones, counselors, parents, etc. cannot be counted as a participant in the day camp pricing. All non-campers who are otherwise affiliated with the camp group may participate in laser tag games with the camp for a flat fee of $14.99 per person. Adults present in our store, but not playing laser tag, do not incur any additional fees.

*A 5.80% Amusement Fee and $12.99 Facilty Surcharge applies to all Day Camps.

For party reservations, call 843-492-7344

To reach our lobby, call 843-236-3444

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